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At Susquehanna Spares we have been refining our knowledge of fine vintage Volvos for decades. And during that time we’ve amassed an amazing collection of cars and parts: noble Amazon 122s wagons and sedans, the sporty P1800, the arresting 1800 ES, the handsome round-backed 544 and even an occasional 444 or the rare 123 GT. Joe Lazenby, head Volvo guru, has developed an encyclopedic knowledge of all these cars and the parts that make them go, not to mention a network of Volvo aficionados and friends that literally spans the globe.

We know these cars from top to bottom and we have almost any part you might need. We have many cars in various states of repair, from parts cars to nearly-good-as-new. We love to talk Volvos, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can usually send you to someone who does have it. If you have a question, call Joe Lazenby.

Call or email with any questions. We have thousands of vintage, classic Volvo parts and reasonable prices for all things vintage Volvo. We’re always happy to hear from someone who appreciates fine Swedish steel: Volvo 122s, Volvo 123GT, Volvo P1800, Volvo 1800ES, Volvo 544, Volvo 444, Volvo P210 Duett parts and cars. Check out our blog page to see what’s happening here at Susquehanna Spares, complete with plenty of photos.  

717-921-2644 (voice mail) or SusquehannaSpares@gmail.com

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8 thoughts on “Welcome, We Roll!

  1. I just read your article in Hemming’s Exocitic Car, and noted that you sold a 544 to Jack Klix in New York. As we know a Jack Klixi n NY who is an ex post man, a harpsichord builder and member of the Brigade of the American Revolution, we were wondering if this was the same person. We wish to contact him, but want to make sure he is the one who got the 544.
    Also, I would like to let you know that my mother once owned a red PV-544 and was very happy with the car. I was alwys interested in the Duett wagon which was quite rare even in the 50’s.
    By the way, I am in Manheim. so I am sort of a neighbor.
    Doug Wilson

  2. I just saw the nice article in Sports & Exotic Car. good for you.
    I thought you would like to see a couple of 544s I have done stories on in my “virtual Museum” web site. The Black one was mine and the White one now is.
    The Canadian Volvo Club here in the London Ontario has a bunch of enthusiasts and I will let them know of your company. Up until now I’ve been getting most parts from Olof at Vintage Import Parts in British Columbia and some from IPD. The low Canadian Dollar makes buying from the US a bit rich these days. However as you know sometimes price isn’t the only consideration.
    I hope you like my videos and look forward to staying in touch. best Regards, Steve Dalton

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